We are very proud that we have the honor to document the intimate moments of stylish and demanding couples on their wedding day from all around the world.

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Klara and Francesco – from Scotland

July 11. 2009.

Wedding video: Klara and Francesco

A pure, modern lovestory. Klara and Francesco wouldn’t be together without that massage-chair... Francesco’s father fell in love with the chair, and his son fell in love with the girl from the shop. Their unique Italian-Scottish-Hungarian wedding is the fine proof, that both of them are still happy with the choice they’ve made.

Renata and Istvan – from The Netherlands

July 4. 2009.

Wedding video: Renata and Istvan

The Russian ceremony in the orthodox church was a real time travel and deep sniff from this rich culture. Dearest friends from all around the globe came to celebrate Reni and Istvan’s wedding, and to taste the synergy of the Hungarian Palinka and the Russian milk-loaf.

Karmen and Zsolt – from Hungary

June 27. 2009.

Wedding video: Karmen and Zsolt

Wearing the dream wedding gown and suit, sailing the lake, dancing in a historic ballroom, Karmen and Zsolt did not compromise on elegance. Their wedding was the perfect romantic dream coming true.

Stacey and Mathew – from Australia

October 11. 2008.

Wedding video: Stacey and Mathew

After felling in love with each other, Stacey and Mathew fell in love with one of our previous films made in Australia. As the European summer irreversible started to turn to fall, we were happy to join the celebration of their love with family, friends and koalas Down Under.

Julia and Michael – from UK

August 30. 2008.

Wedding video: Julia and Michael

"Look, she is Pocahontas!" No, she is Julia, the perfect Hungarian beauty, who met her (also Hungarian, but half American) husband at a French language course in London. Of course their wedding was held in Budapest, at one of the most imposing venues of the city.

Anita and Mahmoud – from Switzerland

July 19. 2008.

Wedding video: Anita and Mahmoud

A true love, sizzling through many countries. The touching ceremony was breathtaking and melting in every sense. The cheer and atmosphere at the reception was far between for everyone.

Mahsa and Geza – from Luxembourg

June 21. 2008.

Wedding video: Mahsa and Geza

Sophisticated style, exotic sence of taste and deep feelings were dominant at Mahsa and Geza’s wedding. The Love of The Persian Beauty could be an ancient fairy tale from The Book of the Thousand Nights. But it is reality, and we are very proud, that part of the story is preserved by our footage.